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About Us

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Our projects come from a designing center of Europe. Their origins are in Belgium, a place where global trends are set  and the true passion to create is growing in many directions. All this can be seen not only in the beautiful architecture or fashion, but even in a mouth-watering chocolates and excellent beer.


The secret of our furniture is the family. Thanks to it we understand, that every single stage of a design and diligent construction is a mosaic of details that, at the end,  perfectly adapt to the owners.

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We are inspired by the latest global trends, which we combine with naturalness. With precision of craftsmanship tradition we include them in our projects, which give the design unparalleled combination.


The highest quality is supported by  the selection of suitable european materials. From a solid wooden frame, the selection of excellent fabrics, to the application of special feathers and foams that care about the comfort of your rest