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Technical drawings

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Product description

The Cyrcus table is a new take on modern subtlety.  Its simple geometric construction will give your interior freshness while its minimalistic features will make it an ideal addition to your living room.  A solid top with angled edges and steel legs complement each other perfectly.


The Cyrcus table reflects the motto "less is more" and nothing about it is superfluous.


The ability to choose the material used for the top significantly improves the number of arrangements into which the piece can be incorporated. 


Despite its small size the table is surprisingly convenient and practical.  It will perfectly fulfill its role in your living room.  

Technical information

Frame desk

Frame desk made of veneer (oak) or marble



Painted steel col.20, 40






OLTA reserves the right to change the construction of products and components due to improving durability of the product and customer satisfaction without any further notice. The size may vary +/-3 cm with reference to the dimensions shown in the pictograms.

CYRCUS 2023-02-10-05