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Technical drawings

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Product description

The unconventional character of Table Taxi can be seen in the multitude of forms which it can assume.  The ability to choose the shape of the table along with its minimalistic construction underlines its versatility and its ability to be used in any number of applications and arrangements.  It will be a perfect fit for any modern interior. 


Its small size and, hence, the ease of placement and application allow it to play its role of being helpful to perfection. 


Thanks to a large selection of forms for both the top and the frame of the table it will be easy to incorporate it into your space. 


The table's minimalistic lines make it a splendid functional complement to most of our sofas.  

Technical information

Frame desk

Frame desk made of veneer (oak)



Painted steel col.20, 40






OLTA reserves the right to change the construction of products and components due to improving durability of the product and customer satisfaction without any further notice. The size may vary +/-3 cm with reference to the dimensions shown in the pictograms.

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